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In Grupo Aluman we look for motivated people, people who are committed to quality, work safety, and working in a team:

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Why work with us?

People are our main asset and our company policy has always been focused on the well-being of our employees.

The employees of Grupo Aluman are knowledge repositories, the opportunities and future of the company. They are the talent and, therefore, the strength which allows the growth and development of the Group.

With regard to Human Resources, we focus on attracting, retaining and motivating people with talent, strengthening values such as commitment, specialization and the engagement of our workers.

Stable employment

Professional Development

Commitment to equality

Continuous training

Flexible environment

Commitment to work/life balance

Incorporation Policy

We work towards having skilled staff and focus on progress and development. We look for staff with the right qualifications for each position, given that a well-trained team makes day to day work easier and improves the working environment.

In our selection process, apart from using CVs in our database, we participate in cooperative agreements with universities and institutes. Every year we incorporate a minimum of six interns, which allows us to get closer to the workers of the future, while at the same time giving the candidate the chance to get to know how we work at ALUMAN.

In each selection process candidates are evaluated, first and foremost, as people who fit our company profile by means of a personal interview, and, secondly, as professionals trained to carry out the functions related to the position in an interview with the head of the corresponding department.


Training is a basic principle of company philosophy at Grupo ALUMAN.

We believe it necessary to integrate and make the most of the personal and professional diversity of the workforce to improve its capacity to respond to the increasing demands of today’s business environment. We have an Annual Training Plan based on the needs of different job positions, the demands of employees and the development strategy of the company. The design of this training program takes into account the assessment and concerns of the workers themselves.

Our plan includes courses and seminars related to the training of management staff, safety at work and continuous improvement in your job, either in the classroom or by distance learning.

The work / life balance

In today’s increasingly complex working environment, Grupo ALUMAN opts for measures which improve the work/life balance of their workers through initiatives such as flexitime or help with regard to medical assistance.

Women make up 15% of our workforce and it is therefore necessary to take steps concerning the flexibility of their working hours during pregnancy and their reincorporation after maternity leave. To ensure they make the most of their free time, we offer our workers and their families a private health insurance policy.

Safety and risk prevention in the workplace

Continuous improvement in risk prevention is one of the main aims of Grupo ALUMAN. Due to the serious risks which exist in this sector and the heightened rate of accidents, we do not cut corners in the implementation of a policy of integrated work safety at all levels of the company.

Prevention is working with safety in mind. To achieve this Grupo Aluman’s Annual Prevention Plan works to reduce and / or eliminate risk in the workplace. Our prevention strategy prioritises training, regular health check-ups, adaptation of machinery, acquisition of safer technology and measuring levels of pollutants present in the workplace among other aspects. These actions ensure a safer, better working environment for each and every one of the people who makes up Grupo Aluman.