Work with us

With work centres in different countries and professional profiles for different degrees, at Grupo Aluman we welcome people with innovative concerns and entrepreneurial spirit. We like what we do and are proud of the performance of our human team.

Grupo Aluman's international vision reflects the variety and diversity of points of view that converge in the commitment to quality and customer service.

If you are interested in sharing your skills and knowledge with us, send us your CV or consult the active selection processes.

Incorporation policy

In our Group we aspire to attract and retain talent and the best professionals for each of our areas. The incorporation of professionals is based on the skills and competences required for each position, guaranteeing that the people selected have the appropriate profile to successfully carry out their tasks and thus progress in their professional career within Grupo Aluman.

In addition to having a database of candidates and profiles of interest, the active selection processes in Grupo Aluman take into account young talent starting their professional careers. We have several agreements with universities and training centres that enable the incorporation of trainees, this being the gateway to the job market for many students.

Aluman Alumni

Higher course for technical specialists in façades.
Concerned about the lack of technicians specialised in façades in the labour market, in September 2018 Grupo Aluman started the training programme for Specialist Technicians in Façades in collaboration with the Galician universities.

Normally, the learning curve of the profiles that occupy these positions, engineers or architects, is too long for the demands of the business world, for which reason Grupo Aluman has created this specialization course as a way of accelerating these stages and taking advantage of market opportunities.

The course lasts four months (350 hours) and is divided into eight knowledge blocks: product, calculation, manufacturing, commissioning, maintenance, legislation and standards, sustainability and energy efficiency, complemented by technical visits. The final work to be presented by the students consists of developing a technical project applied to a real case previously executed by Grupo Aluman. In general, the course deals with aspects such as languages, digital skills, design and manufacturing processes and innovation, among others.

Those in charge of the course select students from among the candidates presented on the basis of their suitability to the profile of the cycle.

Course for Technicians in Installation of Façades and Windows.
This is an eminently practical course designed to train professionals specialized in the assembly of façades. The teaching, given by technicians and teachers of proven solvency, is oriented to on-site work and students have comprehensive training in the Prevention of Occupational Risks Area.


Grupo Aluman continuously strengthens the skills and knowledge of the human team through a comprehensive training plan. This is the case of aspects such as the prevention of occupational risks, specific technical courses, digital skills, languages, office automation, the environment, and so on. From time to time we receive visits from experts to give master classes through which we broaden our knowledge and exchange experiences. On our staff there we have more than 16 nationalities and we have sites and work centres in different countries. That is why we place special emphasis on languages as a strategic training element, so as to relate to our stakeholders, to get to know the local culture, to encourage internal exchange and to favour communication within a company with a global vision.

The entire staff of the company participates in these initiatives in order to update and develop skills and always be at the forefront in our field of action. The professional future of employees is also the company’s future.

Reconciliation of work and family life

Our Company promotes measures and strategies to reconcile work and family life adapted to workers’ needs. We promote the conciliation of those employees with specific needs such as looking after and caring for the minors under their charge. Among other measures, times and work spaces are reorganised, always ensuring the employee’s welfare and commitment to excellence in work.

Safety and prevention of occupational risks

Grupo Aluman's Risk Prevention Plan includes initiatives to improve and promote the health and safety of employees in the workplace. We have intensified and designed different programmes to make prevention a constant:

  • Training programme: continuous training for all employees on risks and preventive measures for their jobs.
  • Specific theoretical-practical courses on equipment that needs special preparation, such as crane bridges or elevators.
  • Preventive resources for those in charge of the workshop, on preventive culture and tools for its management.
  • Adaptation of the machines that already had important safety measures, through their analysis and monitoring to provide them with complementary protections.
  • Preparation and teaching of work operating instructions, which explain to employees how to proceed with potentially dangerous machines.
  • Information on basic rules of action and preventive measures in each job through a health and safety at work manual, which is given to all employees when they join our workshops.
  • Analysis of the PPEs used and improvement of their adequacy to the correct use.